About Onduline

Global leader in lightweight roofing solutions.



Worldwide leader in lightweight roofing

More than 60 years of industry experience

About 1,600 employees from 43 nations

€348 M turnover in 2012

10 plants in 8 countries, fully certified

Present in over 100 countries via 42 subsidiaries

Over 150 million m² of roofing solutions sold every year


Created in France around 1940, Onduline started out as a pioneer in lightweight composite roofing and under-roofing materials. The group rapidly evolved into a global leader, achieving key innovations and acquisitions along the way. Today, Onduline develops high-performance products and award-winning solutions to more than 100 countries worldwide, with a keen focus on design, reliability, sustainability and user-friendliness..

With a robust international presence and close proximity to end-users, Onduline is able to understand its customers’ diverse roofing needs.